Rules for visiting CTT Expo, COMvex and CTO expo exhibitions

Main regulations

Thank you for your interest in CTT Expo, COMvex and CTO Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Exhibition). When attending events at the Crocus Expo, certain rules apply, which are established in order to ensure your safe and comfortable stay.

Moscow, m. Myakinino, Crocus Expo, Pavilion No. 3, Halls 13,14,15, outdoor area

May 23-26, 2023 10:00 — 18:00


1. Entrance to the territory of the exhibition is through the turnstiles by the electronic visitor’s badge (in printed form or on the smartphone screen) - the visitor must register on the official Exhibitions’ websites by applying a promo code or purchase a ticket at the ticket office of the exhibition center.

The cost of an electronic ticket without the use of a promo code, as well as the cost of a ticket purchased at the ticket office of the exhibition center is listed on the Exhibition websites. A ticket purchased at the ticket office of the exhibition center is exchanged for a visitor's badge based on filled "Visitor Form" at the registration terminal at the stands in front of Halls 13,14,15.
The visitor's badge is valid for the entry to the Exhibition during the Exhibition’s open hours.

To enter the Exhibition, you must attach the badge barcode to the turnstile reader.

Visitors are forbidden to hand badge to other persons. The organiser has the right to check the compliance of the surname and first name stated on the badge with the surname and first name of the visitor by requiring the visitor’s identity document.
In case of loss of the badge, the visitor should contact the registration desk to restore it.

2. Children under the age of 14 can visit the Exhibition only accompanied by adults.

3. At the entrance to the territory of the exhibition center, visitors must pass special control and personal inspection, including inspection of hand luggage and personal belongings (Federal Law No. 35-FZ of 06.03.2006 "On Countering Terrorism", Law of the Russian Federation No. 2487-1 of 11.03.1992 "On private detective and security activities in the Russian Federation", Law Moscow, dated 21.11.2007 No. 45 "Code of the City of Moscow on Administrative Offenses", Recommendations of the Expert Council under the Moscow City Duma Commission on Security "On additional measures to ensure security in places of mass stay of people" dated 04.02.2011, the Federal Weapons Act No. 150-FZ dated 13.12.1996).

4. In case of an emergency on the territory of the exhibition center, visitors are obliged to unconditionally fulfill the requirements of the Crocus Expo employees and representatives of the security company.

5. If abandoned items or suspicious objects are found on the territory of the Crocus Expo, please immediately inform the representatives of the exhibition center at the information desks located in the exhibition halls or security service.

6. It is prohibited to:
  • carry any types of firearms, gas and cold weapons;
  • carry explosives, flammable materials, pyrotechnics, toxic, poisonous and caustic substances;
  • carry and consume alcoholic beverages, narcotic and psychotropic substances, be in a state of alcoholic, narcotic intoxication;
  • cross the roadway of the internal territory marked with solid lanes outside pedestrian crossings, as well as move along the roadway;
  • to move around the exhibition center on bicycles, scooters, roller skates and other similar vehicles;
  • organize uncoordinated promotions and flash mobs;
  • write, paste up and distribute printed products, posters, flyers and other products of informational or advertising content without the assent of the organizer;
  • smoke indoors, excepting specially designated areas on the territory of the exhibition center.

On the territory of the exhibition center, visitors have the opportunity to:
  • seek emergency medical care if necessary
  • receive information about events held on the territory of the exhibition center.

7. Only amateur photo and video filming for personal purposes is allowed at the Exhibition, with the compliance with the following rules:

  • do not disturb exhibitors, speakers and other guests of the Exhibition;
  • do not use flash, do not use any unmanned aerial vehicles (drones);
  • do not enter the fenced area of contests and presentations;
  • if required to use the materials for commercial purposes, please reconcile it with the Event Organiser (having previously received accreditation from the Organizer).

We wish you a pleasant and constructive visit to the CTT Expo, Comvex and CTO Expo 2023!