Rules of attendance and accreditation for press and bloggers

Main regulations

1. Accreditation of media representatives to the exhibitions organised by SIGMA EXPO CROUP LLC is carried out in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation No. 2124-1 «Mass Media law» dated December 27, 1991 and in accordance with the Rules for successful mutually beneficial cooperation and in order to create favorable working conditions at the Exhibition for media representatives and blogging community.

2. Accreditation can be obtained by active journalists of socio-political, business, industry and corporate media and blog hosts corresponding to the topic of the event (including social networks, telegram app, video hosting, etc.).

3. The basis for issuing an accreditation certificate for visiting exhibitions organised by SIGMA EXPO GROUP LLC is filling out an electronic application on the exhibition websites in the section "Media Center" ("Media Accreditation"). Positive response to the email address specified in the application is a confirmation of accreditation.

4. The "Press" badge is issued only with a confirmed accreditation on the exhibition website.

5. The "Press" badge is issued at the "Media Registration" desk at the Crocus Expo, personally to the media and blogging community representative and is a document confirming the journalist’s accreditation for the Exhibition.

6. The badge "Press" is valid for the entire period of the Exhibition.

7. It is forbidden to hand the "Press" badge to other people. The organiser has the right to check if the surname and first name indicated on the badge are the same with the surname and first name of the representative of Media and the blogging community. The person controlling the passage to the Event has the right to demand an identity document.

8. In case of loosing the badge, a person should contact the press accreditation desk for the Event to restore it.

9. Media and blogging community representatives accredited to the Exhibition have the right to:
• receive official information about the Exhibition (press releases, business program, list of participants, demonstration events, etc.);
• receive information about events in advance (presentations, signings, press conferences, briefings, round tables, etc.);
• submit applications to the Organiser’s Office of the Exhibition for arranging interviews with the Organisers and participants of the Exhibition;
• attend public events in meeting rooms or specially equipped rooms

A media representative accredited to the Exhibition must:
  • use reliable and verified information
  • ulfill the requests about the indication of the source from of those who provided the information

To show an editorial certificate or other document certifying the identity and position of a journalist at the first request when carrying out professional activities;

The finished materials must contain a reference to the Exhibition and the source of the information received, as well as identify the Organiser of the Exhibition. Making any changes, additions or distortions to the quoted information is not allowed.

Any interview recorded on the territory of the Exhibition must contain a mention of the Exhibition.

Print media/Internet publications — any article or interview written during the work and/or following the results of the Exhibition must contain a mention of the Exhibition.

Any photos taken on the territory of the Exhibition must contain a mention of the Exhibition in the image or in the caption.

Quadrocopter/drone shooting is prohibited throughout the exhibition area